Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We visited this cell block near the end of the day. It was a hot summer day and I was dehydrated and since seeing straight was becoming difficult, I went with it. Actually, Tony Sweet, our workshop leader suggested trying something like this and the result is among my favorites from ESP. The entire place is about lines, grit, decay, light and shadow and I think this composition combines all of those elements. This image is a 7 shot HDR series processed in DxO Pro, HDR EfexPro, Topaz Detail and a few other NIK filters.

I still have a slew of shots from this venue, but I think I will have to pick a just a few to showcase here on the blog before boving on to other venues I have photographed this spring and summer. There are a bunch from the Graffiti Underground (another Philly location from the same weekend as ESP) and my week long trip to the Smoky Mountains back in May that I have yet to process.

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