Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Kiss

“You may now kiss the bride”, the part in the ceremony that signifies it is time for the party to start! As I recall, in my wedding the preacher forgot this part. I had to take the initiative myself which drew a chuckle from the audience. I still vividly recall that sweet kiss, perhaps more so because of the circumstances. It’s the inevitable little glitches that add to the richness of the memories of the big day. My mom says her wedding cake toppled on the way to the reception when crossing a railroad track. The cake underwent last minute emergency repair. OK, this was probably not a little glitch at the time, but the story is funny years later. As the new couple in our story was preparing to leave the reception for the honeymoon it was discovered that Kyle’s bag, including his wallet, was missing. His oldest brother Caleb and I were able to retrieve it from the church after the custodian let us in. We did get back before Kristine was ready to depart. Kyle did seem awfully anxious to depart for some reason. Just a fun footnote to the memories of a grand day. Kyle and Kristine, welcome to the grand adventure we call life!

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