Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Suspended Spin

IMG_3564, originally uploaded by Donnie Fulks.

Swamped, pun intended, at the farm right now getting ready for our fall pumpkin season so I thought I'd share some iPhone images from the silk mill taken earlier this summer. This is from my first visit to the mill and most of the "keepers" were done with the iPhone. My second visit was about a 50/50 split between the iPhone and Nikon DSLR. The third visit was all Nikon except one or two images. I'm finding the iPhone with it's gazillionphoto apps (I have 79 last count) to be a tremendous vision and creativity enhancing tool. All of the pro shooters I know personally say the same. I'll get back to some big boy camera stuff in a few days.

This is one of my favorite iPhone stitched pans, comprised of 9 vertical ClassicPan shots times 2 sets of exposures for a total of 18 captures. This app has an exposure slider so I made two series of exposures to emulate a HDR effect. Even so, the window at the far end of the isle was "blown out" so I used the Rays app to add a sunburst. Would you have known I added it if I had not mentioned it? The old adage, when you have lemons make lemonade, applies in photography.

The white specs on the floor are fallen paint chips. I'd guess that paint over 50 years old was of the leaded type. I noticed on our last, recent visit the floors have been swept.

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