Thursday, September 1, 2011

Left Hanging...

_DSC8689 nx 72dpi, originally uploaded by Donnie Fulks.

...since 1957. Stopped by the silk mill yesterday to shoot with friends, old and new. Picked up a load of pumpkin bins on the same trip. I surmise these tags were used to ID production lots. While there is a long row of these hanging on the wall, I chose a tighter composition for the more intimate view.

I under exposed by at least a stop and lit the scene with a SB-800 strobe, 1/2 cut of CTO gel, Rogue grid modifier at 1/128th power. NIK color Efex filters used: Tonal Contrast, White Neutralizer Glamor glow, BW conversion (low opacity helped the grit and aging), Lighten/Darken Center and few control points. I preferred the flash effect over a reflector due to the more directional light provided by the grid. Pretty boring shot without the added light.


  1. This is very nicely-rendered image, Donnie. Well done. That's a pretty sophisticated approach to the lighting that you took and it worked nicely, with a good gradation from light (top-right) to dark (bottom-left), which gives the tickets an aged feel - exactly what you were after. Great job.

  2. Appreciate the kind remarks, Shaun. Always a good day when it turns out like I had envisioned. I thought your pipe shot was tremendous.