Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wedding Fare

We are making plans to offer a venue for weddings at our farm. As part of the marketing efforts we needed some photos. Our talented FB Manager, Lucia, prepared a show cake and a sample plate off our menu. Donna created the settings and I did the photography this past Wednesday. I choose mom's sun porch because of the windows. A little flash through a Zumbrella and there you have it. We were on a tight time schedule and looking back I would like to have tried a couple of different angles. I have little experience with this sort of thing and it was a fun, challenging project. All in all, I think we captured some useful images for the website, so mission accomplished. And the food was delicious!


Many of the food photos I have seen use a very narrow depth of field. I rented a 85 1.4 from (highly recommended company!) to use along with my 24-105 f4. I also used my CamRanger and iPad to control the captures. It was the first time with the CamRanger- pretty cool gizmo that I'll use in the future on macro and studio type projects. Being able to control focus and seeing the results in real time is very handy.

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