Friday, June 14, 2013

Red Barns

_DSC1632_DxOps 72dpi, originally uploaded by Donnie Fulks.

Old red barns dot the country side of the Palouse. These barns are, for the most part, relics from a past way of life. When agriculture transitioned from horse power to tractor power in the '30's and '40's the need for these smaller barns waned. A modern piece of farm equipment would not fit inside one of these today. Unless the old barns are preserved, like these, they are slowly collapsing into a distant memory.

Here we happened across a pair of them under wispy clouds one morning. I believe we visited this scene twice as the light was rather bland the first time by. I liked the sky so much, I felt compelled to shoot from the shadowed end.

You can still see the tracks in the wheat field in the background from the spring topdressing (fertilizing). Now the farmers hope for rains to finish the crop with a good yield. In the mean time they were busy tending their lentil and garbanzo bean crops.


  1. Thanks Karen for stopping by and the favorable comment! We also shot this scene another day with ominous clouds, but there is just something about the "lightness" of this take I find preferable.

  2. When you see red. Great shot Donnie. Lovely barns too.

  3. Thanks John. It is rare to get clouds like this without a long exposure. The contrast between the two barn roofs is compelling to me. Had they both been freshly painted the scene would have lost something, I think. How much you wanna bet next year the smaller one has been painted too?