Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bucket List

_DSC0882 ps 72dpi, originally uploaded by Donnie Fulks.

One of the challenges of creative endeavors is balancing the drive toward the preconceived result while simultaneously remaining open to new tangents that present themselves. This scene embodied that dynamic.

One of my bucket list items for this trip was to find wild flowers for a foreground element. As we were driving the back roads, we came upon this leaning barn, atop the hill in the distance. It had a tree and a windmill behind it. A nice scene with a few puffy clouds to make it compelling. Out of the frame and off to the side I saw a large clump of purple flowers. Could this be a chance to tick off one from the bucket list? There did not appear to be a road leading to the scene and I was not about to go traipsing across the farmer's fields to get there. Where there is a barn there must be a road. Sure enough, as we rounded the bend at the base of the hill the path presented itself.

A two-fer: One tick on the bucket list and different take in the same scene. Perhaps when i get home I'll show the windmill version of this leaning old barn.


  1. I shot this too, have not had a chance to post my version. No puffy clouds on my day but still worthy. This is lovely Donnie.

  2. Thanks John. Ha ha- my hopes of finding one shot you missed are dashed. Appreciate the comment. After seeing so many spectacular images from that week by others it is easy to under-appreciate one's own work.