Monday, August 20, 2012

Pipes, A Creative Journey

IMG_1674, originally uploaded by Donnie Fulks.
It has been a while since my last post. We've been working night and day, literally, preparing for our busy harvest season. I have not had time to do much photography lately save for some playing with the iPhone. Playing with various apps is my form of relaxation after a long day.

These pipes reside in the old silk mill and form a radiator. Naturally, it would be impossible for them to be fitted in such a fashion. The original photo was captured with AvgCamPro- a series of 16 exposures were taken (I had my iPhone mounted on a tripod) and then blended together, thus reducing noise in a very dark setting. It was so dark, that I was making 30 second exposures while using a flashlight of this subject with my Nikon.
I then used PhotoWizard to make the mirrored effect, followed by Photocopier for toning. Some final contrast and ambiance adjustments in SnapSeed.

Then I had the idea of the pipes inside an inferno. Fiddling with a new app (to me at least) , I combined a texture I had previously made with the pipe made with Photomates. Then I took that image and made an oil painting version with Glaze and blended the two together with Blender app. There were probably some other apps involved during the creative process as well.

A fun app to play with, Tiny Planet, was the basis for the last version. I then went to PicGrunger, added a layer of ScratchCam and finished in PhotoStudio.

It all began with this dingy capture months ago.


  1. Love this scene... WELLLLL DONE!

  2. Thanks John! I since created some versions I like as much or more with Tangled.