Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gold Pipes

Camera Roll-434, originally uploaded by Donnie Fulks.

Continuing with images from the recent trip to the old mill. The roof continues to deteriorate over the old mill building, leading to fears that without outside funding soon the salvagers may be brought in to dismantle the structure.

Heating in the old factory was accomplished two ways: Radiators (I don't know if they were hot water or steam) and forced air. The radiators are located in the bathrooms while the large air ducts hang from the ceiling over the work floor. Hmmm...speaking of ducts, there is a subject for another trip! This tangle of pipes are located just outside the woman's restroom on the upper floor.

These pipes were on my list to shoot this visit. A fellow photographer, Shaun Moss, discovered these on a prior visit and I had wished to capture my own version since. In areas were the roof is failing and leaking badly, the owner has tried to minimize water damage with tarps and buckets to collect rain water from seeping to lower levels. These pipes were hidden behind tarps in one such area. Beyond this point is the women's bathroom, the subject of the next blog post.

After the first visit, which every photographer who has gone will confirm is overwhelming, I have settled into a pattern on return visits of seeking a balance of capuring new subjects, reshooting a subject from a previous visit or borrowing inspiration from the work of others. This image is a case of the later.

This image was captured and processed on my new iPhone 4s. The image quality is a quantum leap over the 4. I also have Nikon files that are in the cue for Photoshop. Alas, the day job does make for delays on that front.

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