Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top Floor

Early post today as I'm getting ready to head out for a conference In Ottawa. Donna wanted to see a wider view of the silk mill. Here it is. Shot on my second visit there last month. The structural posts and lentils are large solid wood members. Our house is of post and beam construction, so I'm partial to this style. Pretty impressive spans without any detectable sag. You certainly would be hard pressed to find timbers like these today. I think it a safe bet all that flaking paint is lead based being close to 50 or more years old.

With all the spools just sitting there, It makes me wonder what it would have sounded and looked like in operation. What would happen if you flipped the switch?

I started with a three shot HDR series converted in HDR Efex Pro. The RAW files were converted first in DxO Pro, my RAW converter of choice due to the ease of batch processing and automatic lens corrections. This image was made by blending a color version with a black and white version with NIK filters in Capture NX. Any editor, such as Photoshop, that allows for layers would work. I like how the blend adds a certain grit to the image and allows for a little texture in the window panes.

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