Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Processing Options

For our anniversary, I captured an image of my wife's favorite yard chairs and made her a print. BraketMode, ProHDR and DynamicLight apps used for starters.

I thought the close proximity of the chairs expressed togetherness. Maybe I've seen too many of those Cialis bathtub comercials?! The fun with digital is in the interpretation and processing (use of apps in this case). I could have created the same effect from my "big camera" and image editing software had I chose to. I have to admit that there is something addictive to creating with a cell phone. The next is the one I chose to give my wife. Despite having taken the picture as the snow ended, I tried to warm the scene with the processing choices.PhotoForge, Retouch, PicGrunger, Crop'n'Frame and Impression.

Following are the other treatments I considered. A light treatment with ArtistaOil yelded a water color look.

Lastly, the one with the frost overlay (PhotoStudio) is how the scene looked when it was snowing and while I like it, I felt it too cold feeling for an anniversary card. As the saying goes, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Which version do you like?

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