Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Going to the Birds

A few bird grab shots from around the farm lately: About a month ago, this swan appeared. It looked to have some sort of leg injury as it hobbled around. The swan is walking well now but has hung around- either at the pond or in the wheat field. He is big, makes a Canadian Goose look almost small.

Speaking of geese, these two were in no hurry to get out of my way to work a week ago. Must have been the last pair to pack up and head out. They were rough on the wheat crop last winter, eating a couple of fields right to the ground. Good riddance. I can remember in the 70's that to hear a small flock fly over was a remarkable event. Now we have too many of them it seems.

Every now and then I just happen to have my camera when these little blue birds sit still on a fense post long enough to photograph. Twitchy little things.
The eagles still torment me, perched in the tree all most all the time but never allowing me to get even remotely close enough to photograph. Then there is the pair of hawks that moved in last year- I need to look up what kind they are again (grey to brown with a white band on the tail)- they are also rather elusive. As usual, the Red Tails are further afield now that the Osprey are back. They will be back this fall once the Osprey head back south for the winter. We are covered up in Turkeys also- what remarkable eyesight they have as well. While I don't consider myself a bird person by any stretch of the imagination, you can't miss the variety flitting around.

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