Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Allure of Decrepitude

_DSC3803_DxO nx 72dpi, originally uploaded by Donnie Fulks.
The past few posts have delt with visiting a mountainous location for the organic beauty of landscape and nature photography. I have a couple of big trips to this sort of photography this year. Well, big for me anyway. If only time and money were no object... I'll just have to dream of traveling to the far flung corners of the globe, to places like Patagonia, Antarctica or Iceland for chance to capture stunning beauty. More on another landscape trip later.

Back to the subject at hand: Venues featuring man made places that fallen into ruin. There is something haunting about these abandoned places that is oddly attractive. Forgoten factories, prisons, mental institutions to name a few. Places where nature laughs last and time holds sway. Part of the attraction is centered around the personified ghosts of stories represented from the past.

Today's image is from one of the cells in Eastern State Penitentery. It has been a couple of years since I was there last and I'm looking forward to returning.


  1. It would make a great puzzle I have always thought, John.