Thursday, July 19, 2012

Backlight at Sunset

Ran across this older image in the files and thought to reprocess it. I was happy with it before- it hangs on my bedroom wall- but the software improves and I learn new things.

This was my sister's flower, next door. After work one day I was riding around looking for photo subjects and this caught my eye just as the sun was about the hit the horizon. An HDR originally done in Photomatix (have not used that in while since NIK's product came out) and Topaz Detail. Made a couple of adjustments in Topaz Adjust last night. I think I'm going to have to reprint it now.

You ever notice how flowers can be almost electric in appearance? Well, that is because they are, in sense. Many flowers need insects to assist in pollination. Insects, according to Dr. Callahan's research, tune into plants largely in the IR spectrum. So flower parts are waveguides for attracting bugs. He also demonstrated how sick, malnourished plants attract bad bugs. All fascinating stuff to me as a farmer. Callahan had a lot to do with radar in WWII in the defense of England. I imagine he has passed away by now, but if you like science, I recommend some of his easy reading books.

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