Monday, June 18, 2012

Return to the Silk Mill

IMG_1102, originally uploaded by Donnie Fulks.
Donna took me to the mill for Father's Day last weekend. We met up with the gang for diner Saturday and spent the night in Cumberland. This may have been my last trip to shoot at the mill. I didn't do hardly any iPhone work the last visit back in the winter and thought I might do some this time around. All of the images in this post are iPhone. I'm looking forward to processing the big boy camera images.

The top image was taken in the lower level of a scene that others, including Tony Sweet, had set up.

Outside of the mill are these interesting valves. I suspect they are water service valves. In my several trips to the mill I had not captured a photo of one of these I liked until now.

The third image is of an area of the factory that is off limits due to asbestos: The boiler room. A vandal had broken a window pane affording a first glimpse of the unseen area. The mill sits over the middle of a large seam of coal, which was mined during the era of the mill construction and operation. I have read that one of the reasons the mill was built here was because of the existing coal mining labor force in the region. As an aside, coal was the chief product shipped on the C&O Canal which ended in nearby Cumberland, Maryland. Naturally, the boilers were fired with local coal. They are huge things, standing nearly two floors tall. I wish we could get in to see them up close as I'm sure they would be fascinating subjects to photograph.

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