Friday, May 25, 2012

Lost Tulips

A couple of years ago I had visited Longwood Gardens while these tulips were in bloom. The RAW files were lost when my hard drive failed. I try to keep the backups drives current, but in this instance these tulip files were among the few that were lost. I had made some small prints and found the print files much later when upgrading my computer.

For the textured, desaturated version below, I reprocessed the discovered jpeg in Snapseed. I like the old lost look to that. I also wanted to make a SnapArt version (the featured image) as for some unknown reason the software registration code had gone wonky and I had just got that sorted with support. Computers!


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  2. That's a unique way of retrieving pics: from hard copies! Computers sometimes just conk out, so it's a good idea to keep backups of all of your files, just like what you did here for most of them. Keeping these backups in a safe place is a further way of ensuring your files are never gone when computers fail.
    Ruby Badcoe @